I am a Family Day Care provider/Teacher and have been opened since August 1999.

I care for infants/toddlers ages 3 months to age 2.9 years.

My home is really a home away from home with an emphasis on learning through play. I believe that the children should direct the play. I have a daily rhythm but the children are encouraged to make choices in their environment. I support the children as they learn about personal safety, caring for their friends (empathy), cooperation, social emotional transitions, hygiene. I am a great observer and believe in the importance of strengthening the best in ourselves.

The families enrolled in my daycare are encouraged to be a part of my daycare through communication and participation. By reading a book to the children or bringing in a homemade snack, etc. Open communication and involvement is very important to me when caring for your child. I do communicate through daily arrivals and departures, daily logs for the infants/toddlers 3 months- 2.9 yrs.

Families/Parents are required to provide Breakfast at home. I provide A.M. and P.M. snacks, lunch and organic milk at meal times.

My husband and I have four children of our own ages 18-31 yrs. We have used both center based preschool and family day care. I believe that when parents must use daycare their children should have a consistently loving environment to come to everyday. Here, there is no turnover and the maximum group size is 2 children at any one time.

Because I care for ages 3 months-2.9 years my time with your child is spent caring for their personal needs, leading with love and attention. Working on motor control, social and emotional behavior, such as, taking turns, (sharing is a difficult concept to learn at this age so I use taking turns and sharing interchangeably so that the children will learn what it means to share), encouraging empathy, and social manners. Arts & crafts, projects, homemade play doh, colors, counting, reading, drama play, singing, dancing, outdoor play. The children learn practical motor control by learning how to put on socks and shoes, zipping, etc which will help your child become independent during the potty training process. Your children will be ready for preschool with a healthy sense of independence and the ability to get along with others.

I believe that professional development does not stop with a degree but is a lifelong commitment. I currently have 30 units in early childhood education/child development. I have a certificate of achievement in child development: Infant and toddler care. I have an A.A.

I believe that is important to "teach" empathy, positive social skills, manners, respectful behavior, and how to gain respect through my actions in front of the children. It is my job and pleasure to guide the children through this learning process.

My rates reflect my small adult to child ratio. Quality, Experience and, the amount of energy and personable care I put into caring for children who attend Valdivia Family Day Care and their families.

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