Daily schedule for ages 1 year to 2.9 years

Daily Schedule

8:30am-9am Arrival Time; Parents wash children's hands and theirs if staying to read or play before their work day begins; Free play

PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep a rhythm to our day there are no arrivals/drop offs after 9:30am unless previously arranged with provider. We are generally outside in yard unless it is raining. Clean up and Lunch generally begins and is served beginning at 11:30-pm-1:15pm

8:00am-8:50am Drop off/Free play/Reading/Calendar/Weather Chart

8:50-9:15 Check diapers/Wash hands and serve breakfast

9:15-9:45 A.M. Snack

9:45am-10:15am clean up; check/Change diapers/Potty training and wash hands

(most children 13 mos,- 2.9 yrs. Spend 5-15 minutes on arts and crafts, for those who need more time, time is given)

10:30am-11:30am Free Play and Teacher directed Manipulative's and/or outdoor time Weather permitting Outdoor time/Sand play/(water play on warm days)

11:30am-12:00pmDiapers Checked/Changed/Potty Training/Wash hands for lunch.

12:15pm-1:15pm Lunch(depending on the meal and amount of children in care time may be shorter for both when lunch ends and nap begins.

1:15pm-1:30pm Clean up/Wash hands and face/Diapers Checked

1:00pm-3:30pm Nap (overlap for nappers) (At times children are tired and may sleep till 4:00 pm. If this is the case then the schedule for the day will be push forward 30 minutes)

3:30pm-3:45pm Wake/Diaper change/Potty training/Wash hands

3:45pm-4:30pm Afternoon Snack/clean up; wash hands; diapers checked. Prepare for going home.