Daily Schedule for ages 3 months to 1 year

Daily Schedule For infants Birth to 1 years old

8:30 am- 9:00am Arrival Time; Parents wash their hands if staying to cuddle, read a book, or play before their day begins.

In order to keep a rhythm to our day there are no arrivals/drop offs after 9am-9:30am unless previously arranged with provider. The older group is generally outside in the yard unless it is raining.

Infants eat on demand during their time at Valdivia Family Day Care although during transition into our program the infants do develop a rhythm surrounding the rhythm of the day care in general

Infants Sleep on demand during their time at Valdivia Family Day Care

During the infants waking hours infants are fed, changed, cuddled, loved; Infants have floor time, from tummy to back. Various activities to engage infants while I supervise/teacher direct the older children

Infants are never left unattended or vulnerable to older children

Infants are in crib only during sleeping, or when I need to use the restroom/Change diapers/Potty training or get meals prepared and served.

Diapers are checked frequently- every hour to two hours

Teething toys are cleaned daily

Infants are a part of Circle/Reading time

Non mobile infants go outdoors when held only

Infant bouncy seats, swings, generally anything that restrains them are not used in my daycare(Licensing regulations title 22)

T.V. is not a part of this daycare for infants or toddlers

Infants graduate from a bottle to a sippy cup at their first birthday(in individual cases some children may take up to their 14 month)

We close promptly at 4:30pm